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I've been teaching private lessons for since 2008.  In addition to private piano lessons, I'm also available to teach Jazz, Improvisation, Composition, and Theory/Ear Training to students of all instruments.  Skype and Zoom lessons are available for $60 an hour.   Send me an email

at to schedule a lesson.





Subscribe to my YouTube channel ( for lots of free educational content, with more going up all the time.






My new book "Chord Tone Improvisation: A Practical Method

For Playing On Jazz Standards - Volume 1: Approaching

Major and Minor Triads" is now available for purchase

on Amazon.


Whether you're just starting to learn to improvise, or you've been struggling for years to make musical sense of the complex jargon typically associated with jazz education, this book will get you playing great, idiomatic straight-ahead jazz lines over chord changes by teaching you how to target the chord tones of the simple major and minor triads with 1, 2, and 3 note approaches.













A PDF version is also available for purchase for $14

right here via PayPal.  Bass Clef Edition available

upon special request.

After checkout, you will recieve an email with the PDF

at the email address associated with your PayPal

account. Please allow up to 6-8 hours after payment for









You can download my ebook "Accelerated Introduction to Harmony, For All Musicians" for free, for a limited time.





Here is a PDF I wrote up about some of Barry Harris's ideas about Bebop Improvisation.






This is an arrangement of Irving Berlin's "White Christmas"

using Barry Harris's 6th Diminished system.  If you want to understand how to make an arrangement like this yourself (or how to improvise like this,) watch my video on the topic on youtube





Here is a 27 page long PDF of guide tone line exercises for

ii-V-I's in Major keys.  Here's a video where I go over all of this material.



And a 73 page long companion PDF on minor ii-V-i's.  And the video to go with it.

This is an arrangement of the bridge from "Pure Imagination," voiced for Solo Piano.  And the brief video to go with it.


I'll gradually be adding more transcriptions, but for starters, here's

Miles Davis's trumpet solo from his tune "Shhh/Peaceful" from his album 

"In A Silent Way."  Notice how compositionally he plays, really developing 

his ideas.  Available in Concert, Bb, and Eb.






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